Are threads painful?

Threads are minimally painful and managed with numbing cream on certain areas. The threads are insterted just under the skin so do not go deep and are removed quickly and painlessly.

How long do threads last?

The threads themselves dissolve under the skin and naturally get absorbed by the body. Mono threads are bsorbed after 3-4 months and Cog threads around 6-8 months. Areas where threads are placed continue to generate collagen for up to 2 years.

What is the aftercare?

• Take arnica tablets before and after treatment. Bruises can have arnica applied.
• Do not use ‘over-expression’ on the face – this can lead to threads moving in the first 48hrs
• No sauna, hot tub, steam or chlorinated water for 24hrs
• Keep the area free from makeup and products for 24hrs
• You may feel slight tingling/prickly/aching feeling like electric shocks this is completely normal for 4 weeks,
• Avoid smoking for 24hrs
• Avoid excessive alcohol for 24hrs
• Do not use sunbed (12 weeks) or sunbathe for 14 days’ - over exposure to heat such as sunbeds can dissolve the threads prematurely
• Do not keep touching the area, keep it clean
• Avoid making long dental appointments for at least 4 weeks after treatment because mouth opening may be restricted
• No facial massage for 2 weeks/until tenderness resides
• Blood thinning vitamins and creams should not be used 7 days before and after the treatment
• For discomfort, paracetamol can be used, avoid ibuprofen-based products and aspirin as these can cause inflammation
• No lasers or Radio Frequency or electrical facials for 12 weeks post treatment as the heat will cause distortion to the threads

It is impossible to have an allergic reaction to threads, and there are no ill/side effects. After treatment you may experience the following:
• Burning/heat in the area & ‘electric shock’ type twinges
• Swelling (you may apply cool packs)
• See bruising/feel bruised/tender
• Infection (keep area clean)

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