Elegant, affordable web design for individuals and small businesses

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Payment is required before I start creating your site for you.


The prices quoted for business cards, flyers and stationery are for design work and do not include printing costs, though I can offer advice about this process.

  • The online equivalent of paying rent for shop premises.

  • A place where the text, images and settings for your website are stored, and which enables internet users to access your website.

  • Usually a monthly or annual payment.

  • The online equivalent of hiring a builder or interior designer to kit out your shop.

  • The person who creates your website, makes it function and look good.

  • Often a one-off fee for set-up, with the option to pay for further services in the future should you need them.

  • The online equivalent of a sign for the front of your shop.

  • The address of your website e.g.

  • Usually renewed every year or every two years.

Web Hosting

Domain Name

Web Designer

Website design

Logo design

Business card design

Flyer design

Stationery design

This price includes:

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Visit my portfolio of websites...

Visit my portfolio of flyers...

Visit my portfolio of logos...

I can design your Facebook or Twitter profiles.

Social media banner design

Updates to your site

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I can make any future updates to your site at my hourly rate of £20 (minimum fee £20).


Setting up a website and the different costs involved can seem complicated at first. I am very happy to answer any queries you may have, or to put together a quote for you. Please email me at:


In the meantime, you may find this short guide helpful:








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Imagine you want to own a bakery selling fresh bread and cakes.

You would have to rent shop premises...


You would also have to pay for a sign for the outside of your



And you would pay an interior designer to fit

the interior of your


  • Up to 5 webpages (more pages available at £20 per page)

  • 1 year domain name ownership

  • 1 year web hosting

  • Mobile and tablet friendly

  • Basic SEO

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