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Mary-Marcella Sykes

With nearly twenty years office experience working across a variety of industries in theatre production, marketing, press, and finance admin roles, I started Marcella Design to combine my creativity and IT skills.


+  computers

+  delivering what people need

=  happy me

I began my working life as a professional actor before moving into theatre administration in London's West End. With a creative background in music and drama, I was surprised to find that I thrived on the routine of office life. I discovered a real satisfaction and pleasure in working methodically, implementing systems and running them efficiently. I'm a people person, and I enjoyed working out what admin support someone would need, then providing it before they needed to ask for it. I also realised how much I love working with computers - I relish the challenge of teaching myself new things.

What gives me the most pleasure is combining my creativity and IT skills. I like the time-consuming, fiddly bits that others find boring. I get excited working with colours, fonts, and textures. I want to deliver high-quality bespoke products that function well and look good. I also particularly enjoy working with people who don't have enough confidence or time to spend ages in front of a computer screen.

Mary-Marcella Sykes